X-Treem Metal Polish

X-Treem Metal Polish

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This is what the cotton-like material looks like. You tear off a 1-2 inch hunk of the cotton and begin polishing small areas of the metal surface.

You can use the polish on not only chrome but also stainless steel, magnesium, aluminum, chrome copper and brass. There is enough of this product to clean a lot of wheels. A little bit goes a long way.

The wire wheel on the left has been neglected and is not only dirty but is slightly pitted and has some very fine scratches in it. It is definitely not
show-quality any longer and really needs some TLC to improve its appearance.

Without clean-up, having dirt like this on your chrome surface will lead to rusting. Not a lot of folks know that dirt can also promote rust on chrome.

We tore off a two inch portion of the cotton and have begun polishing the outer rim surface. We rub the cotton back and forth over the rim until the surface turns black. It is easy to clean between the spokes and the spokes themselves with this material. You can see the chrome already starting to clean-up practically the moment you begin polishing.

At this point, we have finished our first course of polishing and we are starting to wipe the polished surface with a clean polishing towel. You simply polish the cleaned area until the shine reaches your desired level.

Once the dried polished has been cleaned off, the shine is amazing. This process took hardly any time at all and the result is very impressive. We could go back and re-polish another time for an even brighter shine if desired, but here, one pass was enough to get a great result.

This is how a chrome-plated steel wire wheel should look. With this phenomenal metal polishing product, the job is much easier and the result is Concours perfect. You have to try it to believe it yourself. Please give us a call if you have any questions or to order some today.


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