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PUMA Podio Gloves

Item# PUMAPodio
  • The PUMA Podio glove represents an out-seamed version of the Furio glove and incorporates the new graphic design features as used by the Ferrari F1 pilots.
  • The PUMA Podio glove represents a fusion of both the Avanti and Furio gloves with an outside seamed presentation combining all of the latest technology available for the Motorsport professional.
  • Designed for maximum grip and comfort, that Podio glove focuses on all of the contact points between the drivers hand and the steering wheel.
  • Outside stitched and pre-formed sculptured finger construction on the palm side of the gloves compliment the tactile rubberized pads strategically placed through out the palm and finger areas of the glove.
  • The Podio glove features a fully encompassing sculptured barrier of 180gram knit Nomex covering both the back of the hand and through out the interior of the hand, fingers, and palm.
  • Ergonomically positioned rubberized tactile pads provide a hardwearing and maximum grip within the palm area.
  • FIA 8856-2000 approved.
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