Motul SAE 30 - Engines built before 1950Zoom

Motul SAE 30 - Engines built before 1950

Item# MotulClassicSAE30
  • Motul SAE 30 for engines built before 1950
  • Perfectly suitable for engines as well as gearboxes built between 1900 and 1950
  • Mineral monograde lubricant with very low detergent level for a complete compatibility with paper/felt/fabric gaskets
  • Small detergent level avoids soot and deposits removing in the lubricating circuit
  • Can be used as a break-in oil if drain intervals are shortened.
  • Complete compatibility with non-ferrous metals such as brass, bronze and copper.
  • Reinforced adherence for easy starts even after a long period of the engine not being started.
  • Two liter container (2.1 quart) container.

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