K1 Automobile Racing Firesuits

K1 Automobile Racing Firesuits
  • K1 designs their racing apparel with their own strict criteria in mind, including quality, affordability, usability, and comfort.
  • Because the folks at K1 are racers themselves, they know what is needed and desired in safety apparel.
  • K1 believes that their line of K1 products represent a true value for the consumer, and this is a company that stands behind their products.
  • If you need a racing suit with SFI-certification and Nomex construction, we challenge you to find a new driving suit that has the same features as the K1 suit at a similar price.
  • K1 isconfident that you will find their Nomex fire suit is one of, if not the, most affordable on the market.
  • Please click on this link to view our suit sizing chart.
  • Please click here to compare TPP Ratings (Thermal Protection Performance)
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