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Gear Comp 75w140

Item# 823511
MOTUL Gear Comp - 75W140 (Formerly known as Gear FF Competition)
100% Synthetic extreme pressure lubricant for better resistance at high temperature and long-life.  Less effort with shifting.
Specially formulated for gearboxes and limited-slip differentials found in racing cars. Used in Rally and Speedway cars as an example. All hypoid differentials with limited slip system, gearboxes with integrated limited slip differential, mechanical transmissions synchronized or not. Transfer gearboxes operating under shocks, heavy loads and low revolution speed to moderate loads and high revolution speed.
Excellent stability at high temperatures.
Performance Standards: Used in 24 hour endurance racing, Japanese GT Championship and
in Hewland and X-Trac gearboxes.
Approvals: API GL-5 - MUGEN LeMans 24 hours, Hewland and X-Trac Japanese GT.
1 Liter container.
We will meet or beat any competitor's legitimate price.
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