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K1 Transparent Rain Suit

Item# K1RainSuit

  • K1 Transparent Kart Rain Suit
  • Our kart rain suit, made from transparent plastic and constructed in two pieces for increased comfort and usability, is a must-have item if you compete in an area that frequently sees inclement weather.
  • Incorporating advanced design features not found in our entry level kart rain suit, our transparent rain suit is a great option for sponsored racers and experienced racers who see extensive track time.
  • The transparent design allows your sponsors' logos on your kart suit to remain visible even in wet weather conditions, and the two-piece design with a cinch tie at the waist improves comfort and usability.
  • Experienced racers know that wearing a one-piece rain suit on top of another one piece suit can limit freedom of movement and cause discomfort.
  • Our exclusive two-piece design results in a much more comfortable and intuitive rain suit that you will hardly notice once you have put it on over your kart suit!

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