adidas Racing Shoes

adidas Racing Shoes
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  • adidas motorsport has enjoyed a long and successful involvement in motor sport through the manufacture and supply of race shoes for drivers competing at all levels.
  • Performance race shoes, like other technical footwear innovations developed by Adi Dassler, came about as a result of a direct collaboration with athletes. Adi Dassler was a close friend of Fritz Huschke von Hanstein, a successful racing career and the head of the Porsche racing department. In the early 1960’s Adi and Fritz, in cooperation with racing drivers such as  Wolfgang von Trips, began to design race shoes that met the exacting demands of the professional racing driver.
  • Adi developed the very first “fireproof” race boot in 1974. Legend has it that Adi acquired a Brabham Formula 1 racing car to understand the environment in which a racing driver operates. He placed the experimental shoes in the foot well of the racing car and then set fire to it. The exercise was repeated more then 30 times to identify weaknesses and make improvements to his race shoes.
  • During the late 1970s through to the early 90s, the Monza become the most successful race shoe produced by adidas motorsport to date.  Indeed it was the choice of champions including Mario Andretti, Walter Röhrl, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna.
  • adidas motorsport continues to work in cooperation with some of the world’s leading drivers to provide them with technical race-wear.  These  drivers have recently included David Brabham, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Brad Keselowski and Jacques Villeneuve.
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