8100 0W20 ECO-LITE - 1.3 GallonZoom

8100 0W20 ECO-LITE - 1.3 Gallon

Item# Motul81000w20Ecolite
  • Gasoline Engine Oil
  • 100% Synthetic - Ester Based
  • Fuel economy engine oil specially designed for modern cars powered with gasoline engines.
  • Low friction with very low HTHS viscosity.
  • Mid SAPS reduced content of suphasted ash, phosphorus and sulphur.
  • Catalytic converter friendly.
  • These oils may be unsuitable for use in some engines. Please refer to the owner's manual, handbook or your service technician if you are in doubt.
  • Standards: API SM/CF
  • Recommendations: Honda Europe gasoline engines, Mazda gasoline engines, Subaru SOHC engines.
  • Outstanding oxidation resistance with better anti-deposit protection.
  • Improved engine cleanliness.
  • Anti-wear protection and enhanced performance at cold temperature during the oil's life span.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Fuel consumption reduction and minimizes green house gas emissions.
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