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300V Power 5W40

Item# 103132300VMotulPower5W40
  • 300V Power 5W-40
  • Racing lubricant for Motorsports - Rally - GT - Short Distance Racing
  • Suited for all racing gasoline or diesel engines, naturally aspirated, turbocharged with fuel injection or carburetted.
  • For race prepared engines operating over a wide range of rpm and temperatures.
  • SAE 0W-40 viscosity allows excellent oil flow into the engine at start-up and fast oil pressure establishment.
  • Works well in hot temperatures with high oil pressure and faster engine revving.
  • Viscosity compensates with medium engine oil dilution by unburned fuel.
  • Maximum oil film resistance at very high temperature reducing engine wear.
  • Friction Modifier: Maximum power output decreased operating temperatures.
  • Low volatility: Oil consumption is reduced.
  • High shear stability: Stable oil pressure whatever your use conditions are.
  • Avoid mixing with other synthetic or mineral lubricants.
  • 2-Liter can (2.1 quarts).
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